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I've done choreography and/or stage directing for following TV productions: "Estonian Music Award", "Eurovision/ Eesti Laul", "Dancing with the stars (Ice edition)", "Estonian Idol/ Superstar", "Nädalalõpp kanal 2ga", "R2 Aastahitt" and many others. I've been also working with many different artists for music videos and performances.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

5MIINUST x villemdrillem "ei ole aluspükse/paaristõuked"

(Estonian Music Awards/ choreography)// 2016

Stefan "Oh My God"

(Musicvideo/ director & producer) // 2020

Uku Suviste, "The Lucky one", "What love is", "Pretty little liar"

(Eurovision/ Eesti Laul finals opening/ director)// 2022

Kerli Kõiv "21st Century Kids"

(Music video/ choreography) // 2023

Luk Follin Feat. Laura, "Prayers To You"

(Musicvideo/ director)// 2022

Kerli Kõiv "Army of Love", "Love me or leave me"

(Estonian Music Awards/ choreography)// 2014

5MIINUST x Hendrik Sal-Saller "Loodus ja hobused"

(R2 Year Awards/ stage directing)// 2020

Opening act, I semi-final

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2021

villemdrillem x Elina Born "niiea"

(R2 Year Awards/ stage directing)// 2020

Goresoerd, "What love is" (cover)

(Eurovision, opening act/ stage directing)// 2021

Kerli Kõiv "Diamond Hard"

(Music video/ choreography) // 2016

Ingmar Kiviloo, "Hold me close"

(Musicvideo/ director)// 2023

STEFAN "Without you"

(Eurovision/ directing, choreography) // 2019

Laura "Break me"

(Eurovision/ choreography) // 2020

Grete Paia x Pluuto "Johnny Bravo"

(Estonian Film & TV Awards/ directing, choreography) // 2020

Uku Suviste "Pretty Little Liar"

(Eurovision/ stage directing) // 2019

Laura "On meie aeg"

(Music video/ movement advice)// 2020

NIKA "Knock Knock"

(Eurovision/ stage directing & choreography)// 2018

Sissi "Strong"

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2019

Laura "On meie aeg"

(Music video/ movement advice)// 2020

Koit Toome & Laura "Verona"

(Eurovision/ movement advice)// 2017

STEFAN "By My Side"

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2020

Grete Paia "Untold story"

(Eurovision/ movement, staging advice)// 2016

Kruuv "Maasikas"

(Musicvideo/ director)// 2022

Uku Suviste "Supernatural"

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2017

Beebilõust "Askeldan", interval act

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2021

Triin Niitoja & John4 "Jää"

(Music video/ choreography)// 2014

Laura Põldvere "Keerleme"

(Music video/ choreography)// 2019

Desiree "On my mind"
(Eurovision/ stage directing & collab in choreography)// 2018

Laura "Supersonic"

(Eurovision/ movement advice)// 2016

Mariliis Jõgeva "Kolm päeva tagasi"

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2015

Kerli Kõiv "Diamond Hard 360"

(Music video/ choreography) // 2016

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