Here you can find some of my works with different artist for music videos and performances. To view my work with the artists in TV productions ("Eurovision" etc), click here.

Stefan "Oh My God"

(musicvideo, director and producer)/ 2020

Laura "On meie aeg"

(musicvideo, movement advice)/ 2020

Kerli Kõiv "Diamond Hard"

(musicvideo, choreography)/ 2016

Grete Paia x Pluuto "Johnny Bravo"

(Estonian Film and TV Awards/ Eesti Filmi- ja Teleauhinnad, directing and choreography)/ 2020

NIKA "Knock Knock"

(Eurovision/ Eesti Laul, stage directing&choreography)/ 2018

Grete Paia "Untold story"

(Eurovision/ Eesti Laul, movement/staging advice)

Grete Paia "Kinni mind püüda saa"

(Musicvideo, movement advice)/ 2019

Maia Vahtramäe "Uni"

Musicvideo, directing & choreography/ 2018

Triin Niitoja "Jää"

(Musicvideo, choreography)/ 2014

Laura Põldvere "Keerleme"

(musicvideo, choreography)/ 2019

(Eurovision/ Eesti Laul, stage directing&choreography)/ 2018

Kerli Kõiv "Diamond Hard 360"

(musicvideo, choreography)/ 2016

Laura Põldvere "Don't Shut Me Out"

(musicvideo, choreography)/ 2019

Koit Toome & Laura "Verona"

(Eurovision/ Eesti Laul, movement advice)/ 2017

Uku Suviste "Supernatural"

(Eurovision/ Eesti Laul, stage directing)/ 2017

Kerli Kõiv "Army of Love", "Love me or leave me"

(Estonian Music Awards, choreography)/ 2014

Laura "Supersonic"

(Eurovision/ Eesti Laul, movement advice)/ 2016

Mariliis Jõgeva "Kolm päeva tagasi"

(Eurovision/ Eesti Laul, directing)/ 2015

Driven "Kõik kaob käest"

(Musicvideo, performance)/ 2014

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