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I've done choreography and/or stage directing for following TV productions: "Estonian Music Award", "Eurovision/ Eesti Laul", 
"Uus Laul/ The New Song", "Dancing with the stars (Ice edition)", "Estonian Idol/ Superstar", "Nädalalõpp kanal 2ga", "R2 Aastahitt", "Estonian Movie and TV awards" 
and many others.
I've been also working with many different artists for music videos and performances.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

5MIINUST x villemdrillem "ei ole aluspükse/paaristõuked"

(Estonian Music Awards/ choreography)// 2016

Stefan "Oh My God"

(Musicvideo/ director & producer) // 2020

Uku Suviste, "The Lucky one", "What love is", "Pretty little liar"

(Eurovision/ Eesti Laul finals opening/ director)// 2022

Kerli Kõiv "21st Century Kids"

(Music video/ choreography) // 2023

Luk Follin Feat. Laura, "Prayers To You"

(Musicvideo/ director)// 2022

Kerli Kõiv "Army of Love", "Love me or leave me"

(Estonian Music Awards/ choreography)// 2014

5MIINUST x Hendrik Sal-Saller "Loodus ja hobused"

(R2 Year Awards/ stage directing)// 2020

Eurovision Estonia pre-selection/ Eesti Laul 2023
(click link for the video)

Finals opening:
ZETOD - "Hope"

INGER - "Awaiting you"

OLLIE - "Venom"

Finals interval act:
Rein Rannap - "Kosmoseturist"


Opening act, I semi-final

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2021

Goresoerd, "What love is" (cover)

(Eurovision, opening act/ stage directing)// 2021

villemdrillem x Elina Born "niiea"

(R2 Year Awards/ stage directing)// 2020

Ingmar Kiviloo, "Hold me close"

(Musicvideo/ director)// 2023

Kerli Kõiv "Diamond Hard"

(Music video/ choreography) // 2016

STEFAN "Without you"

(Eurovision/ directing, choreography) // 2019

Laura "Break me"

(Eurovision/ choreography) // 2020

Uku Suviste "Pretty Little Liar"

(Eurovision/ stage directing) // 2019

Grete Paia x Pluuto "Johnny Bravo"

(Estonian Film & TV Awards/ directing, choreography) // 2020

Laura "On meie aeg"

(Music video/ movement advice)// 2020

Sissi "Strong"

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2019

Laura "Don't Shut Me Out"

(Music video/ choreography)// 2019

Koit Toome & Laura "Verona"

(Eurovision/ movement advice)// 2017

STEFAN "By My Side"

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2020

Grete Paia "Untold story"

(Eurovision/ movement, staging advice)// 2016

Kruuv "Maasikas"

(Musicvideo/ director)// 2022

NIKA "Knock Knock"

(Eurovision/ stage directing & choreography)// 2018

Beebilõust "Askeldan", interval act

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2021

Uku Suviste "Supernatural"

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2017

Laura Põldvere "Keerleme"

(Music video/ choreography)// 2019

Desiree "On my mind"
(Eurovision/ stage directing & collab in choreography)// 2018

Laura "Supersonic"

(Eurovision/ movement advice)// 2016

Mariliis Jõgeva "Kolm päeva tagasi"

(Eurovision/ stage directing)// 2015

Kerli Kõiv "Diamond Hard 360"

(Music video/ choreography) // 2016

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